rtrgerryinner1"Our vision is to transform the North East of England from a place with one of the highest rates of alcohol, drug and other addictions to a region with with one of the highest rates of abstinence based recovery"

what we do – 12 Step Recovery

happinessWe are involved in funds and awareness raising in areas that have direct effect on the chances of Recovery for those who seek it, this includes ways people may be introduced to Recovery and ways in which people will be able to maintain their Recovery journey.

Our aims are to help promote 12 step abstinence within the wider community and help people who seek a better way of life find Recovery.

We believe that 12 Step Recovery works best in community and that by helping each other, we help ourselves.

Community, Aspiration and Examples

For Recovery to be succesful and take hold, people in early recovery need community, aspiration and examples. Our first major project is to provide a safe place for people in all stages of Recovery and the general public to enjoy an alcohol free social space. We’re raising funds to help make this happen and you can read about our work so far here.