rtrgerryinner1"Our vision is to transform the North East of England from a place with one of the highest rates of alcohol, drug and other addictions to a region with with one of the highest rates of abstinence based recovery"

the road to recovery trust


The Road to Recovery Trust is a network of individuals inspired by the transformative effects of 12 step recovery in their own lives and those of others. Its principal aim is to bridge the gap between those who have found recovery and those who still suffer unaware that a solution which is free to all exists.

We work to raise funds to facilitate 12 step recovery and freely work with other organisations to promote this aim. Our business meetings and membership are open to all and we are committed to our dealings being open and transparent.

Our members are people in recovery, who in addition to service work in their fellowships, have also developed relationships with outside organisations to provide abstinence based services to the wider community. We have helped to facilitate the first 12 step day care program in the North East, Oak trees in Gateshead, and have helped introduce the concept of 12 step workers for local services.

Our experience suggests that recovery works best in the community, where the examples of those who live clean and sober can lend aspiration and direction to those new to recovery. As part of this philosophy we will open the first ‘Dry – Bar’ in Newcastle city centre, providing a safe alcohol free space for people in recovery and the wider community.

Our aspiration is that this will be a fun place of lively activity where community and support will be accessible to all. We also hope to provide access to services for people at all stages of recovery.