What is 12-step recovery?

12-step recovery is based around peer support and shared experiences to inspire recovery from a variety of issues. For many of us, it has helped us to transform our lives and enjoy living again.

Attending the meetings and having a space for multi fellowship meetings is wonderful and gives me the opportunity to learn from others. 

We host many fellowship meetings at George Street Social and the community is constantly growing, providing opportunities not only to attend meetings but also to socialise in our dry bar and café space, attend social events and much more. You can find further information about our opening times and events programme here. Drop by anytime!

The cafe is great as it offers a space to socialise before and after meetings. It’s somewhere I can go to meet other people in recovery and to build my recovery network. It is a great place to have lunch with friend or enjoy an evening of music in an alcohol free space.

Useful links

Please note: If you’re concerned about yourself or someone you know being in immediate danger, call the emergency services on 999.

The following links should provide you with more information about each programme, as well as a list of meetings in your local area. 

These are not the only available fellowships in the North East and over time we hope to add to this list. A more exhaustive list of all 12 step fellowships is linked here